Scientific Visualization and Computer Graphics

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Chapter 2: From Graphics to Visualization


The exercises for Chapter 2 are added, for convenience, in a single PDF document.

Exercises Chapter 2

Prerequisites: These exercises do require an average amount of understanding of the OpenGL graphics library, and a minimal understanding of the interaction between OpenGL and GLUT. No in-depth knowledge of OpenGL or GLUT, such as memorizing specific API calls or writing OpenGL code, is required. The exercises also require a good understanding of the plot-rendering running example discussed in Chapter 2.

Aims: The aims of these exercises is to verify that the student understands the high-level working of an OpenGL application (constructing a geometry, setting attributes, and controlling the lighting and viewing parameters). Separately, several exercises require the student to imagine simple visualization applications based on controlling such OpenGL attributes to convey data. These exercises aim at letting the students discover by themselves the connection between graphics and visualization, and refine this understanding by providing teacher feedback on the answers.

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