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We provide two sets of slides:

  • the first set covers spatial data representation and visualization, typically known as scivis (Chapters 1-10)
  • the second set covers non-spatial data representation and visualization, or what is typically known as infovis (Chapter 11).

These slides can be used as a basis for designing one or two full courses in data visualization.

Important note 1: These are the slides that the book author has used for two courses in scientific data visualization (slide set 1) and information visualization (slide set 2). Depending on the precise aims, scope, and audience of the course, the slides will naturally require modification.

Important note 2: Modifying this material for creating your own visualization course is permitted, as long as you keep a reference to the author (A. C. Telea) and to the related book (Data Visualization, Principles and Practice, 2nd edition, CRC Press, 2014).

Spatial Data Visualization Slides

  1. Introduction to visualization
  2. Data representation - module 1
  3. Scalar algorithms - module 2
  4. Vector algorithms - module 3
  5. Tensor algorithms - module 4
  6. Volume algorithms - module 5

Non-spatial Data Visualization Slides

  1. Information visualization - module 1
  2. Information visualization - module 2
  3. Information visualization - module 3
  4. Information visualization - module 4
  5. Information visualization - module 5