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Ensemble and Comparative Visualization

headed by Dr. Renata Raidou

Ensemble and Comparative Visualization are important and popular topics in the domain of visualization.

Ensemble visualization addresses the visual exploration and analysis of an ensemble (i.e., a collection of related datasets, where each member of the ensemble may be a large, multidimensional, and spatio-temporal dataset). Comparative visualization tackles the visual exploration and analysis of a number of datasets, with the purpose of understanding how (dis)similar they are. In the field of biomedical visualization, both topics are still in their infancy, despite being highly interesting and relevant to both biomedical and visualization communities.

We are mainly working on topics related to exploring and analyzing (natural) anatomical variability between different subjects, or pathological alterations that certain diseases (e.g., cancer and its treatment) initiate in different human structures. The inherent complexity of the human body and its processes makes ensemble and comparative visualization an extremely interesting research subject, which can provide significant insight into the onset or progress of diseases and/or treatment strategies.