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Scalable analysis and visualization of high-dimensional, astronomical data sets (ASTROVIS) (2006-2010)



The Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (NWO). This project is part of the NWO research program STARE (STAR E-Science).


  • PhD student: Bilkis Ferdosi (subproject 1)
  • PhD student: Hugo Buddelmeijer (subproject 2), appointed at the Kapteyn Astronomical Institute
  • postdoc: Fajie Li (until 15 nov. 2009) (subproject 3)
  • postdoc: Yang Sheng (subproject 3), appointed at the Kapteyn Astronomical Institute

Project goal

Data sets in astronomy are growing to enormous sizes. In this research project we will develop feature extraction and visualization techniques for high-dimensional data. The goal is first to use multiscale operators and then extend these multiscale operators to multi-parameter data, so they can help localize patterns in the high-dimensional astronomical data at all scales and in all directions. Additional goal is to develop interactive visualization of high-dimensional parameter spaces, recognizing the power of the human brain. These tools will be tested on various astronomical surveys.


This is a collaborative effort of the Institute for Mathematics and Computing Science (research groups Scientific Visualization & Computer Graphics and Intelligent Systems), and the Kapteyn Astronomical Institute (in collaboration with the OmegaCEN group, ASTRON and LOFAR), see