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Supervised PhD students, with year of defense

Youngjoo Kim (with A.C. Telea, S. Trager)

Lorenzo Amabili (with J. Kosinka, P. van Ooijen)

Pieter J. Barendrecht, 2019 (with J. Kosinka)

Chengtao Ji, 2018 (with N.M. Maurits)

Venustiano Soancatl Aguilar, 2018 (with N.M. Maurits)

Davide Punzo, 2017 (with J.M. van der Hulst)

D. Mudali, 2016 (with M. Biehl)

Jasper van der Gronde, 2015 (with M.H.F. Wilkinson)

M.H. Everts, 2011 (with H. Bekker, T. Isenberg)

A. Crippa, 2011 (with A.C. Jalba)

H. Buddelmeijer, 2011 (with E. A. Valentijn, S. Trager)

B.J. Ferdosi, 2011 (with S. Trager, J.M. van der Hulst, M.H.F. Wilkinson)

W. van der Laan, 2011 (with A.C. Jalba)

E.-J. Blom, 2009 (with O.P. Kuipers)

R. van den Berg, 2009 (with F. Cornelissen)

M. ten Caat, 2008 (with N.M. Maurits)

A. M. Wink, 2004

A. Jalba, 2004 (with M.H.F. Wilkinson)

A. Meijster, 2004 (with W.H. Hesselink)

M.A. Westenberg, 2001

M.D. van der Laan, 1995 (with W.A. Halang)