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Media Coverage

December 2019 Linux Magazine December 2019 (Issue 229), Photorealistic images with vector graphics; by P.J. Barendrecht.
November 2019 Nightingale, The Journal of the Data Visualization Society, Medium November 2019,; by L. Amabili.
September 2019 Linux-Magazin 09/2019, Skalierbare Grafiken mit Open Source; by P.J. Barendrecht.
August 2019 Nightingale, The Journal of the Data Visualization Society, Medium August 2019,; by L. Amabili.
December 2018 Periodiek 2018, number 2, pages 6–9: Vector graphics primitives: From Fonts to Gradient Meshes; by P.J. Barendrecht and J. Kosinka.
August 2013 Research Media published an item about the COMOTI project in its August 2013 International Innovation report. See here.
December 2011 NWO Exacte Berichten has an item Gestroomlijnde auto dankzij visualisatie van lijnen about the PhD thesis of Maarten Everts.
November 2011 The Virtual Press Room for the American Physical Society (APS) Division of Fluid Dynamics showcases our depth-dependent halo technique for fluid flow visualization.
September 2011 UK volume 41, number 6, international pages 2–3: The UK, the University of Groningen's independent weekly newspaper reported about our collaboration with the university's Visualization Center on creating interactive visualizations on their large touch-sensitive display wall; the article is by Rene Fransen and is entitled »One touch is all it takes«
April 2011 Reuters has created a video segment about our collaboration with University of Groningen's Visualization Center on creating a very large touch-sensitive display (not »the largest« as they claim in the video, but probably »the largest curved one«)
April 2010 VisMaster Article about our visualization work in neuroscience (EEG coherence networks) on the Visual Analytics EU-project 'Vismaster' website
April 2010 I/O Magazine volume 7, number 1, page 12: In an interview with Maarten H. Everts, the Magazine van het ICT-onderzoek Platform Nederland reports on our group's best poster award at SIREN 2009 for »Illustrative Rendering of Dense Line Data using Depth-Dependent Halos«; the article is called »De kunst van het weglaten« by Karina Meerman
February 2010 »Universal eye problem leads to better vision«. News item University of Groningen; and Online article »Universeel oogprobleem helpt mensen beter te zien« by the Dutch news agency about the project of our PhD graduate Dr. Ronald van den Berg
November 2009 Periodiek 2009, number 5, pages 6–9: »Uit het onderzoek: Spaghetti ontward« by master student Pjotr Svetachov, article about the project »Depth-Dependent Halos: Illustrative Rendering of Dense Line Data« onto which he built in his own research
September 2009 An image from our work on interactive computer graphics and non-photorealistic rendering is featured as the cover image of the Brochure Informatica 2010–2011 of the University of Groningen
May 2009 Periodiek 2009, number 2, pages 38–39: »Touch Display« by master student Luc Vlaming, article about the project »Presenting using Two-Handed Interaction in Open Space«
March 2009 Periodiek 2009, number 1, pages 12–15: »Overwinteren in Canada« by master student Thomas ten Cate, article about his master's thesis and internship in Canada which he did as a collaboration between the University of Calgary's Interaction Lab and the University of Groningen's Scientific Visualization and Computer Graphics group
April 2008 Brainstorm 2008, number 1, pages 6–7: »Computer Graphics, but how to interact with it?« by Tobias Isenberg, article on his work on interactive computer graphics
May 2007 UK, volume 36, number 31: »Het nut van Second Life« by Christien Boomsma
March 2006 UK, volume 35, number 27: »Reizen door twintig dimensies« by René Fransen
February 2004 UK, volume 33, number 23: »Verbanden leggen in 3D« by René Fransen