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Advanced Computer Graphics

Master, 1st or 2nd year


This course introduces students to selected advanced concepts in computer graphics (see below). The course starts by giving an introduction to the specific field while the second part involves presentations by the students on a chosen topic which they study in detail. To get hands-on experience with state-of-the-art graphics programming, students implement (aspects of) their chosen topic, potentially exploring improvements of the method(s). In addition, the students each give a lecture/presentation about their topic and their implementation, as well as write a paper about their results. Topics will be chosen either from a provided list of papers or by suggesting an individual topic prior to the selection date. The final lecture/practical session will be devoted to comparing and contrasting the methods implemented by the students.

This year's course concentrates on spline methods (including subdivision) in 3D modelling, with main focus on some of the surface representations used in computer games and 3D animated movies (see the model on the right: Frankie; Blender).

Among other topics, the course covers the surface technology used by Pixar, and various hardware tessellation techniques supported by modern graphics cards and game engines.


In case you want to do your MSc research internship with me (Jiri K.), take this course in your first year.

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