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Introduction to Computational Science

Master, 1st year

This course is an introduction into the field of Computational Science, which deals with large scale computation in any field of science (e.g. physics, astronomy, chemistry, and increasingly biomedicine). The course consists of two parallel parts: classroom courses and a project part. The classroom courses typically consist of four times two hours of lectures about molecular dynamics simulation, heat conduction simulation, genetic algorithms, population dynamics (predator-prey systems) and game-theoretical modeling. In the project part groups of two students design and implement a simulation of their own choice. In the past there were amongst others projects about simulating the flocking of birds, the brilliance of Venus, traffic jams, coral growth, patterns in nature and simulating cloth. Project proposals are welcomed. In the last weeks students present their projects in a conference-like style.

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!!!Previous times taught: * 2008–2009, Block 2

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