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Information visualization

Data visualization (treated in this course) is intimately related to information visualization, a branch of visualization which focuses on abstract, non-spatial, datasets. A complete lecture on information visualization is provided below. Note that this material is provided for reference only, and is not required for the exam.

  1. Information visualization - module 1
  2. Information visualization - module 2
  3. Information visualization - module 3
  4. Information visualization - module 4
  5. Information visualization - module 5


Below we provide links to several videos illustrating various visualization techniques discussed during the course. If the videos do not play in the web browser, we recommend first downloading these files and next playing them using a local player (e.g. VLC player).

Multiscale image-based flow visualization

3D image-based flow visualization (example 1)

3D image-based flow visualization (example 2)

3D image-based flow visualization (example 3)