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Michael Biehl: news and latest publications

Please note: Should any positions become available in my working group, I will announce them here and through the usual channels.
This concerns short term internships as well as long term positions. I will not reply to unsolicited inquiries.

October 2021: LVQ toolbox revised and new sklvq package available

The no-nonsense (GM)LVQ toolbox has been revised for matlab (R2021) by Roland Veen, see here.

Rick van Veen's sklearn compatible sklvq package is documented also in a recent (open access) publication:
JMLR, vol. 22, issue 231, pp. 1-6.

October 2021: Michele Mastropietro defended his PhD
Numerical simulations of dwarf galaxies in the Fornax cluster
and obtained a double degree with Ghent University, Belgium.
The project was completed under main supervsion by Sven de Rijcke (Ghent).
Congratulations, Dr. Michele!

September 2021: Sreejita Ghosh defended her PhD thesis
Intrinsically Interpretable Machine Learning in Computer Aided Diagnosis
completed under the main supervsion by Kerstin Bunte
Congratulations, Dr. Sreejita :-)

July 2021:
Google AI for Social Good supports the project
Adoption of smartphone agro-applications for field-based disease diagnosis
and real-time feedback for smallholder farmers

of former PhD student Godliver Owomugisha and the Papoli Community Development Foundation

June 2021:
IEEE Access
The paper Matrix Relevance Learning From Spectral Data for Diagnosing Cassava Diseases
has been published (open access) in IEEE Access, Volume 9, pp. 83355-83363, 2021, doi: 10.1109/ACCESS.2021.308723

25 May 2021:
M. Biehl gave an invited talk at the 23rd European Congress of Endocrinology eECE2021:
Interpretable machine learning models in endocrinology (and beyond)

April 2021:
Neural Computing and Applications (NCAA)
The paper Supervised learning in the presence of concept drift: a modelling framework
has been published in a special issue of NCAA
and is available online (open access)

March 2021:
Annals of Surgery:
online publication ahead of print (2021)
Comment on ''A Modern Assessment of Cancer Risk in Adrenal Incidentalomas''
V. Chortis, A.J. Sitch, I. Bancos, A. Prete, A.E. Taylor, M. Biehl, J.J. Deeks, W. Arlt

March 2021: Our paper in The Lancet Diabetes and Endocronology on Urine Steroid Metabolomics
for the detection of adrenal cancer in adrenal incidentalomas was acknowledged as top advance in 2020
by Endocrinology and Metabolism.

February 01, 2021: Honorary Professorship
I have been awarded the title of Honorary Professor of Machine Learning at the
Institute of Metabolism and Systems Research (ISMR) of the University of Birmingham/UK.

January 26, 2021: Best PhD Thesis Award for Godliver Owomugisha
Godliver Owomugisha has won the 2020 Best Thesis Award
of the Groningen Engineering Center for her thesis
Computational Intelligence and modeling crop disease data in Africa

December 18, 2020: 100 journal publications
The list of my 100 most important journal publications :-) now available.

November 23, 2020: RUG online magazine
published a nice piece on our longstanding collaboration in machine learning and steroid metabolomcis
with the Medical School, University of Birmingham, UK.
Smart algorithm improves diagnosis of adrenal tumours (by Rene Fransen)

November 2020:
Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications
Vol. 564, 2021, 125517 (open access)
Hidden unit specialization in layered neural networks: ReLU vs. sigmoidal activation
Elisa Oostwal, Michiel Straat, Michael Biehl
Our systematic comparison of networks with ReLU and sigmoidal units in model situations
reveals surprising differences in their training and generalization behavior.

November 2020:
Frontiers in Applied Mathematics and Statistics
Vol. 6, 56, 2020 (open access)
Data-Driven Supervised Learning for Life Science Data
Maximilian Münch, Christoph Raab, Michael Biehl, Frank-Michael Schleif

October 19, 2020: David Nebel defended his PhD thesis
Median Variants of Prototype Based Learning Vector Quantization
Congratulations Dr. David :-)

October 8, 2020: DSA Research Award for Godliver Owomugisha
The project Early detection and diagnosis of crop diseases in asymptomatic plants:
acquisition and machine learning analysis of spectral data

will be supported by Data Science Africa. This will enable us to continue our collaboration with the
National Crops Resources Research Institute (NaCRRI) of Uganda
in the diagnosis and monitoring of cassava disease.

September 2020:
Computer Methods and Programs in Biomedicine
Vol. 197, 2020, 105708 (open access)
An application of Generalized Matrix Learning Vector Quantization in Neuroimaging
R. van Veen, V. Gurvits, R.V. Kogan, S.K. Meles, G.-J. de Vries, R.J. Renken,
M.C. Rodriguez-Oroz, R. Rodriguez-Rojas, D. Arnaldi, S. Raffa, B.M. de Jong, K.L. Leenders, M. Biehl

August 28, 2020: Godliver Owomugisha defended her PhD thesis
Computational Intelligence and modeling crop disease data in Africa
Congratulations Dr. Godliver :-)

July 2020:
The Lancet Diabetes and Endocrinology
Vol. 8, issue 9, 773-781, 2020 (open access)
Urine steroid metabolomics for the differential diagnosis of adrenal incidentalomas
in the EURINE-ACT study: a prospective test validation study
I. Bancos, A. Taylor, V. Chortis, A. Sitch et al.
DOI: 10.1016/S2213-8587(20)30218-7 (pdf), also: PubMed.gov