Spatiotemporal Gabor filters for motion procesing

Nicolai Petkov and Easwar Subramanian, University of Groningen,
Department of Computing Science, Intelligent Systems

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To visualize Spatiotemporal Gabor functions click here .
For explanations on Spatiotemporal Gabor functions and filters click here .
A matlab code to create Spatiotemporal Gabor filters is available here .

The receptive field function and the benefits of subsequent surround inhibition mechanisms are described in the following paper.

  • N. Petkov and E. Subramanian: Motion detection, noise reduction, texture suppression and contour enhancement by spatiotemporal Gabor filters with surround inhibition, Biological Cybernetics, 2007.
    [bibTex], [pdf 1.1 MB © Springer; the original publication is available at], [DOI 10.1007/s00422-007-0182-0]