EnS Dialoguers

Dutch Researchers

University of Groningen   Represented by Marco Aiello (Dutch PI) and Alexander Lazovik. Their expertise is focused on Service-Oriented Computing and Smart-Energy Systems.
Tilburg University   Represented by Willem-Jan van den Heuvel. His research interests are at the crossjunction of software service systems and business process management with an emphasis on networked enterprises.
University of Eindhoven   Represented by Wil van der Aalst. His research interests include methods, techniques and tools for the design and analysis of Process-Aware Information Systems.
University of Twente   Represented by Roel Wieringa and Marten van Sinderen. Their research interest is focused on information and knowledge systems.
VU Amsterdam   Represented by Patricia Lago. Her research interests include greent IT and sustainability management, service-oriented achitecting and architecture-knowledge management.

Chinese Researchers

University of Science and Technology of Beijing   Represented by Chang-ai Sun (Chinese PI), Changjun Hun, Zhanshun Wang, Chengyao Wang, Zhonggui Ma and Yifei Yao. All researcher belong to the School of Computer Science and Communication Engineering.
Tilburg University   Represented by Lin Liu, Jianmin Wang, Chi-Hung Chi. All researchers belong to the School of Software.