DebPackaging Workshop


Exercises from an Introduction to .deb Packaging, with links to accompanying presentations and more extensive documentation.

Table of Contents

1. About this course
About this Document
Intended Audience/Requirements
Other documentation
2. The Workshop Instructions
Exercise 0: setting up for the exercises
Exercise 1: Manual Packaging (optional)
Exercise 2: dh-make and dpkg-buildpackage
Exercise 3: Packaging Update with dpkg-buildpackage
Exercise 4: New upstream release with debuild
Exercise 5: Patching, config, pre-/postinstall/-rm and subversion
Exercise 6: New upstream release with svn-buildpackage
Interesting further steps into DebPackaging

List of Figures

2.1. VMWare asking to create a new UUID
2.2. Trivial DebPackaging
2.3. DebPackaging with dpkg-buildpackage
2.4. Packaging with svn-buildpackage

List of Tables

1.1. Other parts of the colloquium that these instruction belong to