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Dermatology database used in MED-NODE

Our dataset consists of 70 melanoma and 100 naevus images from the digital image archive of the Department of Dermatology of the University Medical Center Groningen (UMCG) used for the development and testing of the MED-NODE system for skin cancer detection from macroscopic images. The file - complete_mednode_dataset.zip 24KB - contains 170 images (70 melanoma and 100 nevi cases). You are kindly invited to use this database referring to the following article:
I. Giotis, N. Molders, S. Land, M. Biehl, M.F. Jonkman and N. Petkov: "MED-NODE: A computer-assisted melanoma diagnosis system using non-dermoscopic images", Expert Systems with Applications, 42 (2015), 6578-6585

Last changed: 26-07-2015.