Curriculum Vitae

Dr. Paris Avgeriou is Full Professor of Software Engineering in the  Bernoulli Institute for Mathematics, Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence, University of Groningen, the Netherlands. He is the head of the Software Engineering and Architecture (SEARCH) research group since September 2006. He has been leading a number of research projects on software architecture, that are directly related to the European industry of Software-intensive systems. He is the Editor in Chief of the Journal of Systems and Software, as well as an Associate Editor for IEEE Software. He also sits on the editorial board of Springer Transactions on Pattern Languages of Programming (TPLOP). He has acted as (co-)Chair for ECSA 14, MTD 15, EuroPLoP 11, Tech Debt 19, ICSA 19 and ISAPS 2017-2020. He has been co-organizing international workshops in conferences such as ICSE, ECOOP, ICSR, UML, ACM SAC). He is a senior member of IEEE, vice-chair of VERSEN, and a member of IPN, ISERN, Lorentz Center and acts as a PC member and reviewer for several conferences and journals. He has received awards and distinctions for both teaching and research, is regularly invited to give keynotes and invited talks and has published more than 200 articles in peer-reviewed international journals, conference proceedings and books. His research interests lie in the area of software architecture, with strong emphasis on architecture modeling, knowledge, evolution, analytics and technical debt. He champions the evidence-based paradigm in Software Engineering research and works towards closing the gap between industry and academia.

For more details, you can download my full CV (in PDF).