Completed Projects

Masters theses
1. Paul, Nitin: In progress
2. Ibrahimi, Erblin: In progress Vries, Stijn: In progress
4. Kaul, Shrushti: In progress
5. Schokker, Marijn: In process
6. Antonisse, Joey: Enhancing CNN-based Classification through Effective Utilization of the COSFIRE Algorithm as a Keypoint-based Feature Detection Step
7. Verbeek, Max: Predicting Kidney Allograft Loss with XGBoost
8. Prins, Fabian: Biometrics Recognition of African Clawed Frogsextended to this conference paper
9. Schroder, Merijn: An Automated Method for Detecting Data Quality Issues inBusiness Time-Series Datasets
10. Havinga, M. J.: Product Text Matching: A classification problem in a sparse real-world data space
11. Helmus, Mark; Azzopardi, George; Wang, Xueyi; Talavera, Estefania: Fall detection with a wearable camera using traditional and deep learning algorithms
12. Overschie, Jeroen: A framework for evaluation of feature selection algorithmsextended to this journal paper
13. Mutreja, Shivam: A blockchain-based framework for the production chain in the apparel industry
14. Timmerman, Derrick: Sensor-based video matchingextended to this conference paper
15. Bouakaz, Hichem: Egocentric camera-based fall detection system using rotation, motion, HOG and LBP
16. Helmus, Mark: Fall detection with egocentric videos
17. Elhorst, Siebert: Comparing CNN based semantic segmentation between spherical geometry and orthonormal geometry of road scenes: The ELHORUS dataset
18. Farrugia, Steven: The detection of fraudulent behaviour on the Blockchain – Ethereum networkextended to this journal paper
19. Chirtoaca, Dan: NFTY - A framework for creating deployable smart contracts for non-fungible tokens on the Ethereum blockchainextended to this conference paper
20. Bhole, Amey: Ablation Analysis of Adversarial Examples in ConvNets
21. Agius, Donna: Automatic Visual Quality Inspection of MEMS Microphones
22. Tabone, Wilbert: Automatic Segmentation of Human Anatomical Imagery extended to this conference paper
23. Spiteri, Maria: Customer Churn Prediction for an Insurance Companyextended to this conference paper
24. Simanjuntak, Frans: Fusion of trainable features for gender recognition from face imagesextended to this conference paper
25. Abadi, Fthi: Interoperability of Access control rights across Blockchain platformsextended to this conference paper
26. Xuan, Win L.: Logo Detection and Recognition in Images of Complex Scenes
27. Hariskov, Peter I.: Distributed car network for accident prevention
28. Bugeja, Dorian: Hand drawn sketches to vector graphicsextended to this conference paper
29. Kruitbosch, Herbert T: Perceptual industrial surface quality inspection
30. Scheme, Mark: COSFIRE filters with SIFT key point descriptors
31. Strisciuglio, Nicola: Vessel segmentation with COSFIRE Filtersextended to this journal paper
32. Capozzoli, Vincenzo: Camera calibration with COSFIRE Filters
33. Azzopardi, George: Rank-Based Filter with Frequency-and Orientation-Selective Responseextended to this conference paper
34. Azzopardi, George: How effective is a rank-based filter with a frequency and orientation selective response?

MSc Master Work in the HTSM Program
1. Nambiar, Athul Raj; Basir, Suhaib: Application of NFC technology: comparing and contrasting NFC and QR technology for information retrieval
2. Ottens, Hayo: Ensuring the Integrity and Authenticity of Digital Evidence in Court using Blockchain
3.van de Weerd, Michel: Developing a Personal Inventory Management System

Masters internships
1. Ibrahimi, Erblin: Colorizing HAADF-STEM Images with GANs: Semantic Segmentation in Electron Tomography using pix2pixHD
2. Souroulla, Marios: Time Series Analysis for Gait Analysis using cell phone sensors
3. Oedema, Sytse: MoodCap: A baseball cap integrated with a microcamera for the capturing the face of the wearer
4. Antonisse, Joey: ConvNets robustness improves when input images are preprocessed with push-pull inhibitionextended to this conference paper
5. Lovdal, Sofie: Injury Prediction In Runners By Machine Learning Time Sequence Analysisextended to this journal paper
6. Ottens, Hayo: Extraction of Light Poles in 3D Point Cloud Data
7. Fitrianti, Zahra Putri: Automatic learning of COSFIRE parameters
8. Overschie, Jeroen: A framework for feature selection evaluation
9. Bhole, Amey: Automatic identification of Holstein cows using a non-invasive approachextended to this journal paper

Bachelor theses
1. Kaskelyte, Kamile: In progress
2. Bakker, Anne: In progress
3. Malinovski, Stefan: In progress
4. Preststulen, Sebastian: Depth Estimation of Convex Deformations in Shipping Containers using Contour Analysis Jager, Brian: Edge Detection with Inhibition for Vectorization
6.van Heerde, Laurens: Developing an Android screen scraping application to expand Behapp's digital phenotyping methodologies
7. Roossien, Silke: Expanding Behapp's digital phenotyping application using Android screen scraping
8. Kadiri, Maksym: Chain of Custody Provenance Information in Blockchain-based Systems
9. Bighiu, Sorin: An investigation towards designing decentralized applications for individuals with visual impairments
10.van Herwijnen, Thijs: Siamese neural network for camera identification through sensor pattern noise
11. Teodorescu, Micha: Blockchain for the Protection of Forensic Evidence: A Comprehensive Study
12. Lorente, Adrian Segura: Image retrieval using siamese networks with application to side-view cattle
13. Skala, Daniel: Multi-Document Keyphrase Extraction
14. Dijkema, Nik: Complexity analysis of feature selection algorithms
15. Monteiro, Liorah: Fall detection from ego-centric videos
16. Varanauskas, Tadas: Blockchain framework for chain of custody
17. Plamadeala, Dan: Front-end framework for a blockchain-based system for the chain of custody
18. Bolhuis, Koen: Medical image analysis annotation tool - backend
19. Groot, Daan: Medical image analysis annotationa tool - frontend
20. Gheorghe, Radu: Calve Ease Predictionextended to this journal paper
21. Schokker, Marijn: Video segmentation of daily activities
22. Overschie, Jeroen: Fusion of supervised and unsupervised approaches for road marker detection
23. Farrel, Michael: Automatic Cell Counting via Recognition of Morphological Characteristics
24. Demajo, Lara Marie: Evaluation of CNN- and COSFIRE-based Age Group Classification from Face Imagesextended to this conference paper
25. Micallef, Neil: Weight Prediction of Pigs from Kinect Images
26. Mizzi, Neil: Eye Tracking Art
27. B.L.Persaud,: Investigating a parallel implementation to the main processing steps of COSFIRE filters
28. Havinga, M. J.: Development and implementation of a parallel contour detection algorithm
29. Apap, Adrian: Biometric Analysis for Personal Identification using Retinal Fundus Imagesextended to this conference paper
30. Camilleri, Angie Ann: Investigating the suitability of COSFIRE filters for pedestrian detection
31. Soler, Edward Fleri: Aggression Detection in Urban Environments based on Audio Analysis
32. Buhagiar, Juan: Automatic Segmentation of Indoor and Outdoor Scenes from Visual Lifeloggingextended to this conference paper
33. Abela, Julian Anthony: Automatic Symbol Localisation and Recognition from Music Sheetextended to this conference paper
34. Camilleri, Keith: Automatic Runway Detection for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
35. Falzon, Michelle: Convolutional Neural Network and the Bag-of-Visual-Words approach: a Comparative Analysis Based on Varying the Size of the Training Set
36. Farrugia, Fabrizio: Side view car detection with hierarchical COSFIRE filters
37. Azzopardi, Beatrix: Real-Time Object Recognition in Videos with a Parallel Algorithm
38. Baldacchino, Charlot: Automatic prediction of stock price direction based on multivariate time series and machine learning
39. Agius, Donna: Automatic Recognition of Valletta Buildings using Smart Phone technology
40. Wells, Stephan Benjamin: Automatic Song Genre Classification
41. Scerri, Erik: Music Recognition, Analysis, and Automatic Tagging using Spectrogram Pattern Matching
42. Grech, Matthew: Image Classification using Bag of Visual Words and Novel COSFIRE Descriptors
43. Xerri, Andre: Prediction of stock price direction: A comparative analysis
44. Gecer, Baris: COSFIRE Models for Describing Objects as Arrangements of Circular Regions
45. Agius, Luke: Recognition of architectural symbols with COSFIRE filters
46. Azzopardi, George: How effective are Radial Basis Function Neural Networks for Offline Handwritten Signature Verification?

BSc Short Programming Projects
1.van Riemsdijk, C. M.: Featboost's performance on imbalanced data sets
2. Moreda, Yona: Interactive website for serration pattern analysis
3. Melotti, Damiano: Contour detection with push-pull and surround suppressionextended to this journal paper
4. Hertsenberg, Wouter: Annotational Tool for Image Processing applications Vries, Tjaart: Development of a website and APIs for scientific algorithms
6. Parlan, Tolga: Themis: A new workflow for lecturers and TAs to edit courses