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Schedule for Upcoming SVCG Group Meetings

Date Time Room Presenter(s) Topic
Nov 30 15:00–17:00 online Youngjoo Kim Generating synthetic data for privacy protection of CBS microdata
Nov 2 15:00–17:00 online Lorenzo Amabili StoryVis++
Oct 26 15:00–17:00 online Sarah Baksteen Mesh Colours for Gradient Meshes (conference test talk)
Ethan Waterink Visual Analysis of Popping in Progressive Visualization (conference test talk)
Gerben Hettinga Efficient Image Vectorisation Using Mesh Colours (conference test talk)
Sep 30 15:00–17:00 online Kuanhao He Image vectorization (PhD project presentation)
Hamid Gadirov Evaluation and Selection of Autoencoders for Expressive Dimensionality Reduction of Spatial Ensembles (conference test talk)
Sep 21 15:00–17:00 online all Misc.
Aug 31 15:00–17:00 online Stefan Evanghelides Subdividing gradient meshes using OpenSubdiv (MSc thesis presentation)
July 13 15:00–17:00 online Jan Boonstra Subdivision shading with (semi-)sharp creases (MSc internship presentation)
June 29 15:00–17:00 online Ethan Wterink Visualizing Iterative Refinement in Visualization (MSc internship presentation)
June 1 15:00–17:00 online Sarah Backsteen Mesh Colours in Gradient Mesh Vector Graphics (BSc project presentation)
May 25 15:00–17:00 online Heejun Lee From medical reports to visual data stories (PhD project presentation)
May 4 15:00–17:00 online Jaap van der Vis Simplification of Parametric-Split Gradient Meshes (MSc research internship presentation)
Mar 23 15:00–17:00 online Rick de Jonge MALORQA: A Machine Learning approach to Objective Reflection Quality Assessment (MSc thesis presentation)
Feb 16 15:00–17:00 online Steffen Frey My recent scientific visualization projects
Feb 2 15:00–17:00 online Jieying Wang Focus-and-Context Skeleton-based Image Simplification using Saliency Maps (VISAPP21 test talk)
Jan 26 15:00–17:00 online Max Ries Chess Piece Location Detection using 3D Depth Information (Short programming project presentation)
Jan 19 15:00–17:00 online All group members Misc.
Dec 15 15:00–17:00 online Jos Roerdink Information Theory in Computer Graphics and Visualization
Dec 8 15:00–17:00 online Eltjo Maring Feasibility of using a new visualization kernel in CADMATIC Hull Viewer software (BSc project presentation)
Nov 24 15:00–17:00 online All group members Misc.
Nov 10 15:00–17:00 online Michiel de Jong Interactive image vectorisation with Bézier curves (BSc thesis presentation)
Renata Raidou Paving the way for P4 visualization through visual analytics and physicalization
Oct 27 15:00–17:00 online Tai-Ting Chen Optimal User-friendly 3D Transformation in Cadmatic HullViewer (BSc project presentation)
Oct 13 15:00–17:00 online Job Talle Evolving L-systems in a competitive environment (CGI 2020 test talk)
Xiaokun Wang Turbulent Details Simulation for SPH Fluids via Vorticity Refinement (CGI 2020 test talk)
Sep 29 15:00–17:00 online Yanrui Xu & Xiaokun Wang Turbulent Details Simulation for SPH Fluids via Vorticity Refinement (SCA 2020 test talk)
Sep 22 15:00–17:00 online Jieying Wang Spline-based medial axis transform representation of 2D shapes
Sep 8 15:00–17:00 online Klaas Kliffen ORQA: Objective Reflection Quality Assessment (CGVC 2020 test talk)
All Updates
Aug 26 11:00–noon online Wiebe-Marten Wijnja In by Out again: Arbitrarily-deep zooming on Iterated Function Systems by `self-similarity jumping' (BSc project presentation)
July 15 13:00–15:00 online Costa Anton Treating Acrophobia in Virtual Reality (final MSc thesis presentation)
July 10 10:00–noon online Sjors Mallon Efficient Rational Cubic Bézier Surface-Plane Intersection and Capping (final MSc thesis presentation)
July 6 15:00–17:00 online Carlo Refice Arbitrary splitting and rendering of locally refinable gradient meshes
Ethan Waterink Canal surface blends with controllable radius
Niels Bugel Longest edge-based segmentation for triangular meshes
Jun Zhou Numerical quadrature for Gregory patches
June 15 15:30–17:00 online All group members Misc.
May 18 15:00–17:00 online Wiebe-Marten Wijnja L-Systems as Rose Trees (SPP project presentation)
Gerben Hettinga A Multisided B-spline Patch Over Extraordinary Vertices in Quadrilateral Meshes (SPM test talk)
Zizhao Wu Co-skeletons: Consistent Curve Skeletons for Shape Families (SMI test talk)
May 4 15:00–16:00 online All group members Misc.
Apr 20 15:00–16:00 online All group members Misc.
Apr 7 15:00–16:00 online All group members Misc.
Mar 10 15:00–17:00 5159.0179 Gerben Hettinga Vector Graphics Demo (for ICT.OPEN 2020)
Feb 18 15:00–17:00 5159.0179 Yannis Paetzelt SPP presentation about the integration of a minimap into a provenance graph
Sietze Houwink Approximate Feature Adaptive Rendering for Subdivision Gradient Meshes (MSc thesis colloquium)
Feb 11 15:00–17:00 5159.0179 Xingyu Chen Visual Exploration of 3D Shape Databases via Feature Selection (IVAPP 2020 test talk)
Jan 7 15:00–17:00 5159.0179 All Updates + article discussion