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Schedule for Upcoming SVCG Group Meetings

Date Time Room Presenter(s) Topic
Mar ?? 15:00–17:00 5159.0179 Gerben Hettinga Vector Graphics Demo (for ICT.OPEN 2020)
Feb 18 15:00–17:00 5159.0179 Yannis Paetzelt SPP presentation about the integration of a minimap into a provenance graph
Sietze Houwink Approximate Feature Adaptive Rendering for Subdivision Gradient Meshes (MSc thesis colloquium)
Feb 11 15:00–17:00 5159.0179 Xingyu Chen Visual Exploration of 3D Shape Databases via Feature Selection (IVAPP 2020 test talk)
Jan 7 15:00–17:00 5159.0179 All Updates + article discussion
Dec 10 15:00–17:00 5159.0179 Youngjoo Kim Filtered Dimensionality Reduction Approach for High-Dimensional Data Analysis
Dec 6 11:30–14:00 5171.0504 Pieter Barendrecht; Fred Wubs; Kai Hormann, Jiri Kosinka; Jos Roerdink; Alex Telea Mini-symposium: Splines for engineers & more...
Dec 6 10:00–11:00 5161.0293 Kai Hormann Generalized Barycentric Coordinates
Nov 26 15:00–17:00 5159.0179 Chengtao Ji & Venustiano Soancatl Aguilar OpenSpace: An open-source astrovisualization framework
Oct 22 15:00–17:00 5159.0179 Chengtao Ji (Paper Discussion) Gaia Sky: Navigating the Gaia Catalog
Oct 15 15:00–17:00 5159.0179 Xiaokun Wang Physics-Based Fluid Simulation using Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics(SPH)
Sep 10 15:00–17:00 5159.0179 All Introductory meeting in 2019/20
July 9 15:00–17:00 BB162 Luc van de Brand L-systems as a graph of operations (MSc thesis presentation)
July 2 15:00–17:00 BB162 Kevin Gevers Multi-degree Bézier triangles (MSc research internship presentation)
Ankur Tiwary Foveated tessellation (internship presentation)
June 25 15:00–17:00 BB162 Sietze Houwink Assessing shape quality from reflection lines (MSc research internship presentation)
Sjors Mallon Simplification of gradient meshes (MSc research internship presentation)
June 11 15:00–17:00 BB162 Pieter Barendrecht A bivariate C¹ subdivision scheme based on cubic half-box splines (GMP paper test talk)
May 28 15:00–17:00 BB162 Lorenzo Amabili Experimental Design in Computer Science (book discussion)
May 21 15:00–17:00 BB162 Pieter Barendrecht Creating photorealistic images in vector graphics (LGM test talk)
Apr 23 15:00–17:00 BB162 Venustiano Soancatl Aguilar Current Status of the Data2Dot Project
Apr 16 14:00–15:00 BB222 Gerben Hettinga Noisy Gradient Meshes: Augmenting Gradient Meshes with Procedural Noise (CVM 2019 test talk)
Apr 9 15:00–17:00 BB162 Lingyun Yu iStoryline: Effective Convergence to Hand-drawn Storylines (TVCG paper)
Apr 4 16:00–17:00 BB105 Jack van Wijk Challenges in Visual Analytics (DSSC seminar)
Mar 19 15:00–17:00 BB162 Xiaorui Zhai Interactive 3D Rotation Specification Using Skeletons
Mar 13 16:00–17:00 BB267 Manjunath Kanabagatte Nanjundapppa (Erasmus+ staff exchange visit) Image processing and its application in medical field (CS Colloquium)
Mar 12 15:00–17:00 BB162 Manjunath Kanabagatte Nanjundapppa (Erasmus+ staff exchange visit) Developing the research prototypes to a software product, a case study of medical imaging application
Feb 12 15:00–17:00 BB162 André Sobiecki Towards a Single Solution for Polyp Detection, Localization and Segmentation in Colonoscopy Images
Feb 5 15:00–17:00 BB162 Jeroen de Baat Canal Surface Modeling
Jan 29 15:00–15:45 BB162 Giacomo Casoni, Said Faroghi, Alvaro Rubio Segovia Three SPP presentations: Aspects of visual storytelling
Jan 8 15:00–17:00 BB162 all General updates and discussion