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Schedule for Upcoming SVCG Group Meetings

Date Time Room Presenter(s) Topic
Oct 13 15:00–17:00 online Job Talle CGI 2020 test talk
Sep 29 15:00–17:00 online Yanrui Xu & Xiaokun Wang Turbulent Details Simulation for SPH Fluids via Vorticity Refinement (SCA 2020 test talk)
Sep 22 15:00–17:00 online Jieying Wang Spline-based medial axis transform representation of 2D shapes
Sep 8 15:00–17:00 online Klaas Kliffen ORQA: Objective Reflection Quality Assessment (CGVC 2020 test talk)
All Updates
Aug 26 11:00–noon online Wiebe-Marten Wijnja In by Out again: Arbitrarily-deep zooming on Iterated Function Systems by `self-similarity jumping' (BSc project presentation)
July 15 13:00–15:00 online Costa Anton Treating Acrophobia in Virtual Reality (final MSc thesis presentation)
July 10 10:00–noon online Sjors Mallon Efficient Rational Cubic B├ęzier Surface-Plane Intersection and Capping (final MSc thesis presentation)
July 6 15:00–17:00 online Carlo Refice Arbitrary splitting and rendering of locally refinable gradient meshes
Ethan Waterink Canal surface blends with controllable radius
Niels Bugel Longest edge-based segmentation for triangular meshes
Jun Zhou Numerical quadrature for Gregory patches
June 15 15:30–17:00 online All group members Misc.
May 18 15:00–17:00 online Wiebe-Marten Wijnja L-Systems as Rose Trees (SPP project presentation)
Gerben Hettinga A Multisided B-spline Patch Over Extraordinary Vertices in Quadrilateral Meshes (SPM test talk)
Zizhao Wu Co-skeletons: Consistent Curve Skeletons for Shape Families (SMI test talk)
May 4 15:00–16:00 online All group members Misc.
Apr 20 15:00–16:00 online All group members Misc.
Apr 7 15:00–16:00 online All group members Misc.
Mar 10 15:00–17:00 5159.0179 Gerben Hettinga Vector Graphics Demo (for ICT.OPEN 2020)
Feb 18 15:00–17:00 5159.0179 Yannis Paetzelt SPP presentation about the integration of a minimap into a provenance graph
Sietze Houwink Approximate Feature Adaptive Rendering for Subdivision Gradient Meshes (MSc thesis colloquium)
Feb 11 15:00–17:00 5159.0179 Xingyu Chen Visual Exploration of 3D Shape Databases via Feature Selection (IVAPP 2020 test talk)
Jan 7 15:00–17:00 5159.0179 All Updates + article discussion