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Prof. Dr. ir. Marco Aiello

Honorary Professor

  • e-mail: m.aiello [at] rug.nl
  • personal website: Marco Aiello


  • Smart Energy Systems
  • Service-Oriented Computing
  • Domotics
  • Spatial Reasoning

Recent publications


M. Aiello (2018) The Web Was Done by Amateurs: A Reflection on One of the Largest Collective Systems Ever Engineered. Springer.   bib
M. Aiello, Y. Yang, Y. Zou, and L.-J. Zhang (Eds.) (2018) Artificial Intelligence and Mobile Services - AIMS 2018. Volume 10970 of Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Springer.   url
H. Groefsema, N. R. T. P. van Beest and M. Aiello (2018) A Formal Model for Compliance Verification of Service Compositions. IEEE Transactions on Services Computing, 11(3):466-479, May 2018.  

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