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Prof. Dr. ir. Marco Aiello

Honorary Professor

  • e-mail: m.aiello [at] rug.nl
  • personal website: Marco Aiello


  • Smart Energy Systems
  • Service-Oriented Computing
  • Domotics
  • Spatial Reasoning

Recent publications


  1. Georgievski, Ilche, Fiorini, Laura and Aiello, Marco (2020) Towards Service-Oriented and Intelligent Microgrids. In 3rd International Conference on Applications of Intelligent Systems.. To appear. (BibTeX)
  2. L. Fiorini and M. Aiello (2019) Energy management for user's thermal and power needs: A survey.. . (URL) (BibTeX)
  3. N. R. T. P. van Beest, H. Groefsema, L. Garcia-Banuelos and M. Aiello (2019) Variability in business processes: Automatically obtaining a generic specification.. . (URL) (BibTeX)

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