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Path-based mathematical morphology on tensor fields

This page is related to the examples in the following publication:

Jasper J. van de Gronde, Mikola Lysenko, and Jos B. T. M. Roerdink. Path-Based Mathematical Morphology on Tensor Fields. In Ingrid Hotz and Thomas Schultz, eds., Visualization and Processing of Higher Order Descriptors for Multi-Valued Data. Springer International Publishing, pages 109–127, 2015. doi

The source code to generate the orientation score example figures can be downloaded here (covered by the MIT license). The code comes as a collection of Javascript files (along with input) that can be run using Node.js. Among the included source code is code for computing the orientation scores, as well as code for performing the path openings discussed in the paper.

The diffusion MRI path opening example can be viewed online below, allowing you to interactively change the path length threshold in the bottom right corner. The mouse can be used to rotate and zoom the view (by dragging/scrolling). The view will be green until all files are loaded.

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