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Prof. dr. Alexandru C. Telea

full professor

  • since mid-2019 working at Utrecht University.
  • link to new webpage
  • e-mail: a.c.telea [at]



* Software Maintenance and Evolution? (Master, 1st year) * Scientific Visualization (Master, 1st year)

Recent publications

(For more publications go to Publications of Alex Telea.)


  1. X. Chen, G. Zeng, J. Kosinka and A. Telea (2020) Visual Exploration of 3D Shape Databases via Feature Selection. In Proc. IVAPP.. (BibTeX)


  1. M. Espadoto, F. C. M. Rodrigues and A. Telea (2019) Visual Analytics of Multidimensional Projections for Constructing Classifier Decision Boundary Maps. In Proc. IVAPP.. SCITEPRESS. (BibTeX)