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ir. Pieter J. Barendrecht

PhD candidate

Recent news

  • My WebGL 2 renderer for gradient meshes is now available!
  • Best paper award at GMP 2019 for our paper 'A bivariate C¹ subdivision scheme based on cubic half-box splines' (P.J. Barendrecht, M.A. Sabin and J. Kosinka).


  • Gradient meshes (local refinement and crack-free tessellation, arbitrary topology)
  • Subdivision surfaces (half-box splines)
  • Isogeometric analysis (quadrature) and other numerical methods


Other tasks

  • Maintainer of the SVCG server (Git, SVN, ...) and the computational server.

Avid user of...

  • OpenGL (C++/Qt) and WebGL
  • Inkscape
  • Blender (3D mesh modelling, Python coding)

Other interests

  • Laser cutting and -engraving, pewter casting, 3D printing, LEGO, wood turning, crochet, origami: website and portfolio work in progress
  • Playing drums/percussion, didgeridoo and bass guitar