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This work will be presented as a poster at EuroVis 2017!

PNIELD (Projection Navigation In Extremely Large Datasets) is a framework (in development) for navigating through large high-dimensional datasets. It relies on multidimensional projections, subsampling, and user interaction. The user can zoom in to regions of interest in real-time, where the level-of-detail will be increased, as shown in the video below.

PNIELD uses landmark projection techniques, and provides continuity to the user by keeping the positions of special landmark points fixed, in subsequent views.

Since the number of points in the projection is limited to a constant, it is visually very scalable.

The abstract with more details is available here.

Source code

The source code for this project is on GitHub at It is still in its early phases. Information on its dependencies, how to run it, and how the code is structured can be found in the README.