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Geometric Algorithms

Master, 1st year

Geometric algorithms starts with 3 weeks lectures from the course Applied Geometry (WIAG-08), a more theoretical part of this course. After that, practical work has to be done. To pass the practicals the student has shown to be able to design and implement appropriate solutions for realistic and complex geometrical problems. The complexity of the problems is reflected by the fact that elementary geometric algorithms have to be combined to solve the problems. Typically, the problems stem from robotics, chemistry, astronomy, computer graphics, and scientific visualization. The student has to implement the solutions using existing implementations of elementary algorithms as for example for triangulation, meshing, intersection calculation, convex hulls, Voronoi diagrams, alpha shapes and Minkowski sum. Appropriate solutions are characterized by their reliability, exactness, time and space complexity, and speed. The student has shown to be able to use the literature of this field and is able to present considerations and solutions in oral and written form.

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!!!Previous times taught: * 2008–2009, Block 2

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