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Research Internship (Onderzoeksstage) in the SVCG group

MSc year 1, block 2b (15 EC)


Goal of the research project is a first introduction to scientific research. First you choose a research topic (see the list below) and a corresponding supervisor. During the research period, you wil be trained in various research skills:

  • analyzing a scientific problem
  • literature study
  • simplifying the problem (if necessary)
  • (partially) solving the problem
  • implementing the solution
  • drawing conclusions
  • writing a scientific report

During the research project, you will be actively involved in our research group Scientific Visualization and Computer Graphics, for example by our attending biweekly group meetings. You will also give several presentations about your project.

After finishing your research project, you should have a clearer idea about how scientific research is done, and also whether this is interesting for you to pursue in your later academic study (and career).

Please also consult the Thesis Writing Guidelines of the group, these outline what is expected in your report paper and how to approach writing it. For your paper we suggest using the TVCG LaTeX paper style, or that of Eurographics.

Available Projects

See the page about available projects.